We will schedule an appointment to come by the job site for one of the most crucial parts of the project. This involves us taking exact measurements to ensure your countertops not only fit but looks perfect. Our experienced team will be there to guide you through the entire process, inform you of seams and any details you may need to know.

The following is a checklist:

  • Clear anything on top or under the counter to ensure accurate measurements

  • Remove all existing countertops, sinks and plumbing 

  • Cabinets must be complete and installed in its final position 

  • All cooktops, stove, and sinks must be onsite

  • Farm sinks must be installed prior to templating


When it comes to fabrication we use advanced tools to ensure your stone is cut effortlessly. Once the drawings come back we finalize the details with you, we prepare a detailed shop drawing for our sawyers to start cutting. From there your counters moves into the fabrication centre where our experienced team begins the incredible transformation. Once on the bench they'll trim or grind the edges smoothly in order to prepare for your chosen edge profile. They glue the edges with the highest quality products and perform a 10 step wet polish with only diamond pads. Once all fabrication is complete the counters will be inspected meticulously before its set aside and awaits the installation date.




Prior to installation day we ask the following:

  • Clear the path in which our installers will be walking through as the stone is very heavy and this ensures the safety of everyone onsite

  • Have the sink onsite in order for our installers to mount them, they will not do any plumbing as that must be done 24hrs later by a licensed plumber

  • Have all faucets and/or soap dispenser onsite for our installer to drill the holes required

  • Sink cabinets must be clear in order to mount your sink 


After Installation

  • After installation do not put any pressure or heavy objects on them until the next day as the adhesive used to secure your counters needs time to cure

  • Do not touch the seams as the epoxy needs to cure, if the seams are touched this may cause an uneven joint and/or the expoy may trap dirt or oils from your hands and make the seam noticeable

  • Plumbing for the sinks and faucet can be connected 24 hrs after installation this ensures the sink installed properly, in place and will not shift

  • Cleaning your counters varies depending on your stone